8:26pm November 28, 2012


Klaine x America’s Next Top Model AU

for Rose & shameless selfpromotion

12:57am November 10, 2012



Klaine AU: Blaine has a crush on popular football player, Kurt Hummel.

FIle this one under “things I need”.

11:26am October 7, 2012


I just really want someone to write me nerdy Blaine pining over Kurt, but being too scared to talk to him

more aus here

12:02pm September 15, 2012


AU: In which Bryan and David take their son Blaine out for dinner and try to set him up with the cute waiter.

“Didn’t you say you came here just last week with your friend Tina?” asks David. “The food here must be good seeing how strongly you insisted on coming back.”

“Yeah,” says Blaine, glancing around the restaurant distractedly. “I guess.”

“What’s wrong with you?” asks Bryan. He narrows his eyebrows. “Oh my God, did you spot someone famous here? Is that why you wanted to come back so badly?”

“Dad, don’t be ridic-“

“Are you three ready to order?”

Bryan and David both look up, as Blaine busies himself with the menu. The boy who had just come their table is tall and lean, with a golden streaked quiff poking out from under his hat.

“Yes please,” says Bryan, pausing to read the name badge on the boy’s chest, “Kurt, I am starving.” He looks down at the open menu in front of him. “Could I get the lasagna, but hold back on the cheese?”

“Of course,” says Kurt with a smile, scribbling down the order

“A medium rare steak for me, thanks,” says David with a smile, handing over his menu. “Blaine, what do you want?”

Blaine glances up to meet Kurt’s eyes. There’s a flash of recognition there, before Kurt gives Blaine a smile. Blaine simply blushes in response, looking back at the menu.

“I’ll have the, uh,” Blaine’s suddenly lost, looking through the menu in search of something, anything, to order. Wait, how did he end up on the drinks page?

“Blaine, you’re keeping poor Kurt waiting,” urges Bryan. He turns to Kurt. “I’m sorry about this, he usually knows exactly what to order. You know, teenagers these days.”

“Of course,” says Kurt with a friendly smile.

“Blaine, why don’t you just order what you had last time,” says David gently. 

“So, the tomato and basil fettuccine?” asks Kurt, looking at Blaine expectantly.

Blaine simply blinks. Kurt seems to realise what he’s said, because his cheeks turn rosy as he looks down at the notepad in front of him. Bryan looks from Kurt to Blaine and can’t help but grin. Internally, Blaine’s praying that he doesn’t say anything.

To Blaine’s surprise, it’s David that speak up. 

“What an amazing memory you have,” is all he says, though there’s a slight tease in his voice.

“Yeah, the fetuccine sounds great,” says Blaine, handing over his menu with a smile. He’s sure his face is flaming.

“I’ll be right back with your order,” says Kurt, avoiding Blaine’s gaze as he takes the menu and hurries away.

As soon as Blaine leaves, Bryan’s suddenly serious

“Don’t think I missed that look on your face right now,” he says, straight-faced.  ”It’s obvious that you think that guy’s cute. Isn’t it, David?”

Blaine can’t help but smile as his other dad, reluctantly, agrees.

“And that feeling appears to be mutual,” says David quietly, eyes fixed somewhere behind Blaine.

Blaine turns around to see Kurt gazing across at him, before turning away at meeting Blaine’s gaze.

“You should go ask for his number,” encourages David. “We’ll just pretend not to be here.”

Blaine laughs, shaking his head at his parents’ constant attempts to set him up. But this time, for once, he takes their advice. With an ‘excuse me’, as if he were simply leaving to go to the bathroom, he stands and heads towards Kurt.

“Oh, look at that,” says Bryan proudly, watching as a huge smile spread across Kurt’s face. “Our boy’s all grown up.”

David took Bryan’s hand in his.

“He sure is.”

5:35pm May 31, 2012

 Fic Rec: Little Numbers by iknowitainteasy


Now complete, so in case you were wondering what all the fuss was about, here it is.

Hey, would you mind meeting me at 4 instead of 3? A dog just threw up on me (no, really) and I have to make a detour.”

Blaine sends this text to a wrong number (Kurt’s) and his whole world changes.

5:48pm May 24, 2012

Librarian!Blaine gets flustered. Based off of this drabble.

10:22pm April 29, 2012

 Fic: Take It Like A Man (6/?)


Media: Fan fiction
Title: Take It Like a Man (6/?)
Author: Giulia and Tina
Betas: Katrina, Sarah, Hia
Rating: NC-17
Genre: angst, AU, fluff, humor, romance, smut
Spoilers (if any): None
Warnings (if any): Language, sex, dub-con, references to homophobia and violence
Word Count: 12,467
Summary: A Legally Blonde AU. Blaine Anderson has it all. He’s a member of both the polo and fencing clubs, founder of the charity Songbirds in Schools, and the lead soloist of the university’s famous all-male a capella choir, the Warblers. In his senior year at UCLA, Blaine— a show choir major — wants nothing more than to be the future Mr. Blaine Anderson-Smythe. When Sebastian breaks up with Blaine instead of proposing and heads off to a more ‘serious’ life at Harvard Law, Blaine sets his sights on following the love of his life to Boston to win him back. But Harvard holds a lot more obstacles than Blaine anticipated: challenging coursework, one Santana Lopez, and an admittedly cute graduate by the name of Kurt Hummel.
Disclaimer: We don’t own Glee or Legally Blonde.
Author’s Note (if any): We acknowledge that we’ve gone a little off-book; we’re going to keep that up for another couple of chapters, but we should be getting back to the plot of the original source material around chapter eight or nine. We also want to note that we do a fair amount of research for this so that we’re as accurate and realistic as possible, but we acknowledge that some bits might be a little fudged. We wanted to remind people that this incorporates bits of both the film and the musical; we’ve been trying not to let one influence this piece more than the other. We love them both!

4:03pm April 26, 2012



Bad boy Blaine and new kid Kurt. 

Oh hello inspiration for my P&P fic. *sighs*

12:39am April 26, 2012

AU: in which both Kurt and Blaine like each other but are too shy to act on it.

12:33am April 26, 2012


AU in which Blaine is a Hollywood actor and Kurt is his new fashion designer.