4:40pm August 3, 2014

 Katie's Gigantic Fic Rec List

It’s been updated! If you need further recs (or for me to give you my favorites from each fandom) my ask is always open! 

6:06pm November 2, 2012

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day

So since there are so many authors I really appreciate I’m probably going to forget some but some of the ones I appreciate are: Chazzam, CP Coulter, YourFairyGodfather, MotherGoddamn, borogroves, emilianadarling, whenidance, idoltina, penguinutipia, fabfemmeboy, lurkdusoleil, stoney321, zavocado, crazedlunatic, twobirdsonesong, Backwardsmuffin, lalexis, heartwolf, shia_labeouf, ckofshadows, GlassParade, hedgerose, yadivagirl, Doppleganger Tango, klemonademouth, I’ve-Gotta-Be-Me, rainjoyswriting, arainymonday, and any others that I love but my have forgotten!

You’re all amazing and I love you! Know that you are very much appreciated. <3 

5:26pm October 8, 2012

 Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies: My Glee + Kurt/Blaine FanFiction Rec Master Post


So, lots of people ask me for recs so I caved and made a list. A LONG ONE.

This is AS extensive as I can possibly make it. I can’t provide FULL fic info/rating/length because it’d take me FOREVER and this would become a novel but just click through to see!


1:21am October 5, 2012

Ok Guys…

My friend Tamara ( is writing smut for the first time…please be kind to her, because she’s worked really hard on this and is going to need lots of love on this. If there is any bashing or hating you have me to deal with…you don’t want that.

Hope you all enjoy it! :)

9:03pm October 2, 2012

 Victorious Eruption: idareu2bme: Guys, I’m really excited about this blog I started with my...


Guys, I’m really excited about this blog I started with my friend, Riah. It is a prompt blog where we post the beginning of a fic and then whoever wants to fill the prompt writes the rest of the fic. We’re hoping it’ll be a success, so if you could spread the word, that’d be…

6:03pm October 1, 2012

 Klaine Stan Ad Infinitum.: OK, so I have a proposal for the fic writers of the Klaine fandom.


I know we’re all going to be writing angst in the wake of Thursday’s episode. But I think it would be cool if as many of us as possible promised the fandom at least one fluffy fic (even a short drabble) in the wake of the episode. Because personally, now is not a time when I feel the need to stock…

10:52pm September 18, 2012

Fic: Hearts and Homes, part 1/?


Title: Hearts and Homes

Rating: Eventually M

Summary: A cold winter night finds Kurt stranded after some car trouble, only to bring him face to face with a sick, shivering, homeless boy beneath a bridge. That boy, of course, turns out to be Blaine.

A/N: I don’t know if ‘homelessness’ is technically a trigger, but I’m sure it could bring about bad memories for those who have been through something similar. So, warning for that. This idea came to me after I woke up from a nap and I have absolutely no idea why. I just woke up with the idea of Homeless!Blaine in my head. This is going to be hurt/comfort galore, so if you enjoy that sort of thing, I hope you’ll like this! I hope to post a chapter a day, just to get my creativity back on track and such, and the other chapters probably won’t be as long as this first one. But I think it’ll turn out to be some kind of sweet, loving bit of fiction!

“The pitiful glow from the dying fire gives way to a boy, huddled and small beneath a threadbare blanket. He’s got this mass of frizzy curls atop his head and he stares openly a Kurt, his eyes wide, glossy, and one hundred percent terrified. His nose appears red and raw and the sniffles never cease, even in his fear. Kurt can see the outline of his knuckles from underneath his thin blanket.

He’s shivering.”

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10:14pm August 22, 2012
  • The fic writer side of my brain: Man, I wish they would update, but they're probably really busy and maybe they've got a lot of shit going on, and they totally deserve a break given how hard they work. I should really just appreciate the fact that they're posting excellent free stuff for me to read in the first place.
  • The fic reader side of my brain: Why the FUCK why haven't they updated? This is clearly an act of malice against the entire fandom. Do they think they can just rip my heart out and leave it lying on the floor while they galavant around doing god knows what? Why can't I just chain them to a desk in my basement and make them write chapters in order to earn meals?
6:00pm August 19, 2012


So i was walking today and something caught my eye that made me stop

out of a vine bush thing i saw these spiraly red flowers growing and i immediately thought of The Sidhe

(which if you havent read shame on you! go read now!!)

anyway i had to post a picture!!

5:16pm July 1, 2012

The Sidhe and Little Numbers should be movies.