8:25pm April 25, 2012

 Chapter 7 of "Syrup and Honey" is now up!


Words for this chapter: 7205.

Rated: M.

Genre(s): Romance/Drama.

Summary: AU!Klaine. Kurt Hummel is 25 years old when he finds himself being the owner of the bakery he had been dreaming about his whole life, just in time to sweeten up Blaine Anderson’s days.

One of Kurt’s hands sneaked up and he lazily let his fingers tangle in Blaine’s curls, playing with them asI Want to Hold Your Handstarted filling the room. Kurt’s voice sounded low and beautiful next to Blaine’s ear as he began to sing. Blaine melted completely, noticing how the love he felt for this man was taking over his body, his mind, his soul. Kurt already owned his heart.

The house was silent and empty. Blaine knew Burt was at the garage with Finn and Carole’s shift at the hospital hadn’t finished yet. This was his perfect chance. He could kiss Kurt now and there and just tell him everything…

He couldn’t bring himself to interrupt the song, though, so he waited, he patiently waited as Kurt’s voice enveloped him like a caress. It was getting slower and less and less audible. Kurt stopped singing before the last chorus and just nuzzled against his neck. Blaine could feel the smile against his neck.

Here I go, he thought, taking a deep breath.

Artwork, as usual, by Brandi.

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8:22pm April 25, 2012

 Like Burning


Everybody is born with the name of their soulmate on the palm of their hand. Kurt and Blaine are both born with each others names.

When Kurt is young, both of his parents are killed in a car crash and he is sent to live in a foster home. The owner of the house is a very strict, highly religious, old woman who abuses Kurt because he has a boys name on his hand. One night, she gets really angry with Kurt and burns the palm of his hand so that the name is no longer readable.

In high school, Kurt is withdrawn and hardly ever speaks. He is still bullied severely for being gay, even though he was too scared to join New Directions. In Kurt’s junior year, Blaine transfers to McKinley. As soon as Kurt sees Blaine, he knows that he is the one, however he is scared to approach him because his self-esteem has been lowered severely due to years of abuse and thinks that everybody he loves will eventually leave him. Besides, Blaine is beautiful and popular, despite being openly gay and in glee, how could someone that confident and charming ever like him? (source from Gleeficupdates)

8:22pm April 25, 2012


“Blaine - Blaine, what are you doing?”

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