10:08pm May 23, 2012

Sing the Words, But Don’t Know What it Means [Shy!Blaine and Popular!Kurt]


Sing the Words, But Don’t Know What it Means

Shy!Blaine and Popular!Kurt Warbler AU that suddenly happened, I don’t know man.

It’s set after Blaine’s transfer to Dalton after Sadie Hawkins. Dalton, where Kurt is only a sophomore but is the big man on campus thanks to his high grades and lead-Warbler status. 

So…yeah. This became a thing from these posts - 1 and 2. This is only a short drabble, fyi, but it might be the start of something horrible…I don’t know yet…

So anyway, enjoy!


“How are things going, sweetie? Have you made any friends yet?”

Oh, loads. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and I haven’t stopped hanging out since I got here.

“Oh, y-yeah, momma. I’ve made p-plenty of friends.” Blaine lied easily, it wasn’t hard to fool his mother, especially if he was saying just what she wanted to hear.

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